Student’s description of site-specific activities this quarter: Mezzo and Micro practice competencies:  This quarter I co-developed a proposal that was to build a bridge between _____and _____, with the hope that it would lead to recommendations to both organizations. The long term goal is equip staff with skills to encourage youth to learn about enrolling in long-term medical benefits to increase access to more comprehensive health services and life skills programs.I also had the opportunity this quarter to collaborate with the doctors and triage nurses to develop a new tool, which I have titled “Questions to Ask Your Doctor”. The tool is now given to new patients when they go through new patient orientation and/or graduation from the program. The purpose of this tool is to help youth feel a sense of empowerment, as it lessens the fears of an individual meeting with a doctor for the first time.

Image result for Advanced Generalist Practice survey

We all have career highlights and resume stunners. Creating this survey is one for me. This survey developed out of providing therapy to countless youth, and my being open to working on the front line as a receptionist (remember every position has something to teach you). Filling in this position I learned many youth and young adults had a hard time articulating what they wanted from the provider. Implementing this survey opened not only doors for the clinic I interned at, but for every clinic under their umbrella. Social workers were onboarded, allowing services to become more streamline. It also allowed clients to feel heard and empowered.



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