Body Centered

I swear sometime this purging becomes a serendipity moment and it couldn’t be better than when I pulled out this article “Something to Think About”. I love the questions and feel that it is important to be intoned with your body. I thought that I would share them with you, so you can do your own review….

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1. Where do you want to go with your life? Do you have the body to get there? What changes would help your body carry you into a happy, health future?

2. A caricaturist can sketch a likeness with just a few lines by exaggerating distinctive physical characteristics. Which facial feature and body parts are most identifiably? How can you make the make the most of what’s unique about your looks

3. The sixth sense-intuition is body centered, too. Write down three times you’ve had a gut feeling and gone with it. Recall an instance when you ignored it and what the results was. How could you improve your instinctual awareness?

4. When you grounded in your body, you spirt soars. What exercise or moving meditations do you perform regularly to stay in touch with your body? If you don’t feel connected, what physical practices- dance, fitness, sports, bodywork – could you add to your life?

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