Journaling has helped many individuals connect with what’s meaningful in their lives. The exercise on this page will help you uncover clues to what gives your life a sense of true purpose. When you have some quiet time, think about and complete the statement’s in the paragraph below. Don’t ponder too hard- the first answers that come to you are probably the most truthful you filled in those empty spaces, you’ll have a road map [ to creating a life that is rich and fulfilling. Print it out and keep it where you’ll see it and be inspired.

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I can’t imagine life without_____________. When I’m spending time____________, hours pass, and I don’t even notice. It saddens me to know that so many people don’t have ____________, but what gives me hope is knowing that each of us has the power to ____________. Sometimes the effort it takes to ____________ is exhausting, but what keeps me going is the knowledge that ____________. When I went through the painful experience of ____________, it just strengthened my faith in ____________ and my resolve to. ____________. My dream is to create ____________. It’s the reason I ____________ each day, and its why I think about ____________ as I go to sleep each night. Some might call it a mission. Turns out, it’s my purpose.

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  1. My blog is my journal

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