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Worrying is one of the most unproductive tasks that many of us take part in despite knowing it will often get us nowhere. I have learned to fix stress; it pays to set some parameters around dealing with such pain. That is why I appreciate Hagen suggestions

  • Live 24 hours at a time. This helps you prevent overloading your anxiety levels. Try to figure out what steps you will take each day vs. worrying about tomorrow.
  • Come up with small steps. Break down your solutions into doable task, such as phone calls you can make or small favors you can solicit from someone.
  • Put worry in a 30-minute time frame each day. Think of it as half hour to devise solutions. To keep your worry focused meet with friends who you can use as a sounding board
  • Keep a notebook and try to review one problem at a time
  • Fine tune your plan regularly, but wait until l you can sit down and focus

You may find yourself stressed but not overly stressed.

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2 Responses to Worrying

  1. Miriam says:

    Great tips! Worrying really is a waste of energy.

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