Three N’s

Printable Letter N Template

Life Coach:  Awesome I’d love for you to try a technique I call the three N’s The first thing I want you to do is just notice what catches your attention – whatever you want to read or listen to.

Client: For me , it’s nature – being out in it, photographing it, absorbing ever detail of it.

Life Coach:  So make more time for that. After a week or so, start to narrow that’s the Second N- the field of what makes you happiest. Maybe you’ll find that your favorite thing to do is walking in the woods. Or you love the gym, but you’d much rather row than bike. This should be playful. If you start thinking, How can I make money with this, you’ll shut down the magic. After you spent some time noticing and narrowing, you’ll come to the third N: giving the thing you’re doing a name. That’s how I came to my current career. When I began doing this, there wasn’t really a name for it. Then I read an article that referred to me as a “life coach,” and I thought okay, I guess this what I am. I’ve restricted myself from being playful for so long that

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