Black Women

As Black women, we feel like we always have to be strong and independent, which is tough and wears on us a lot,” she says. “I’m trying to be more vulnerable for the next generation of Black girls who see me on TV…”Black women constantly wear masks to be perfectionists or whatever they have to be just to get by. But at some point, you’ve got to take the mask off and say, ‘Hey, this is me.’ And that’s what I did.” -A’Ja Wilson

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4 Responses to Black Women

  1. The Girl From Jupiter says:

    This is so very true. I’m not allowed to be anything but strong and independent. I’ve learned to act the part, even when I feel anything but.

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  2. I have never liked anyone saying I’m strong. I also don’t like being called sexy. I’m resilient and I’m beautiful. There is a difference. Those are the roles I live.

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