What to do with No

When “no” is the status quo “In sex and relationships, no means no — always. But in business, when faced with a ‘no,’ we apply our company value to the problem: ‘Challenge the status quo with love.’ There is likely a logical reason for the rejection or refusal, so I open a dialogue. It’s important to understand the barriers. With each situation, I gather as much information as I can, weigh the pros and cons, and decide whether to persist. Progress is about compassion and balance -Soumyadip Rakshit

 When ‘no’ is a gift. — “The first ‘no’ is good enough for me! Persistence is a ridiculously overrated attribute in American culture—probably more harmful than virtuous overall. It’s much more rewarding to spend my time getting someone from slightly excited to ridiculously excited than trying to reverse a rejection. Consider that first ‘no’ a gift; you don’t have to waste more time. No? Great, next!” -Phil Libin

When “no” mean hu? Do you want to buy insoles. Every time we asked our friends – 25–35-year-old New Yorkers – they said “no.” Insoles are associated with medical issues ad old people. But when we asked, “Do you have foot or back pain?” 80% said, yes. Our next question was “Did you know proper arch support relieves pain across your whole body?” They were intrigued. More often than not, we’ve found the “noes” are another way of saying “I don’t fully understand” – Libie Motchan

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2 Responses to What to do with No

  1. I was taught as a young lady that No was a complete sentence. The end. Nothing else needs to be said.

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