According to Therapists: Looking for a Friend

Don’t pick a therapist because you like them as a person. Instead, choose a therapist based on their credentials, expertise, experience with certain issues you may be facing, and overall effectiveness.

“Choosing a therapist you’d like to be friends with or have many things in common with does not influence their ability to support you in a therapeutic relationship.Long those same lines, don’t assume that just because your best friend, cousin, or coworker likes their therapist that the provider will also be a good fit for you. Referrals can be a great starting point, but you should still do lots of your own research and vetting.

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2 Responses to According to Therapists: Looking for a Friend

  1. So, back in 2018, I sent emails and called and left voicemails for five therapist that after reading their bios I thought I’d like to work with. Only one called me back and did a follow up. We’re still together now!

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