Random soundbites of a Career Journal


This is my professional journal, so I have to let you know another secret. I enjoy a good quote or random soundbite. Here are the ones from the front and back cover of my career journal.

“If you say it, you have to be ready for attack. Continue to put your purpose/ life back in front of God. If it’s wrong, he will help you correct it.”

“Be more concerned with what God thinks about you than what people think about you.”

“Allow for delays, you will enjoy life’s journey more.”

“Knowledge is the key to prosperity and happiness. You can broaden a child’s view of the world by embracing their creativity and showing them love and structure.”

“Boss is a noun, defined as a mentor who encourages you to activate your full potential.”

“Everything takes three time as long and it’s three times as hard as you thought it would be. But do it anyway.”

“Do you think you’re born with greatness, or do you create it?”

“Creativity is about discipline, productivity, and deciding to have an idea.”

“Where your labor and where your love rests, that’s where your activism should rest.”

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