Random soundbites of a Career Journal : 6


  • Don’t hesitate to invest in things that enhance your future success.
  • Find satisfaction in small tasks done honestly well.
  • When you make a mess, make it count.
  • Never try to out trade a man wearing sunglasses and a belt.
  • Hope and ideas are two things that always matter.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a compliment given or received.
  • Doing the present job will make it easier to excel at the next.
  • No one is born an expert. At one time, even Einstein didn’t know how to tie his shoes.
  • Take seriously any man whose shoes are shined to military perfection.
  • Be prepared, and then get lucky.
  • Life is unfair, but you don’t have to be.
  • Appreciate every Frito.
  • Adventure is seldom encouraged by saying “NO”.
  • Be content letting some things remain a mystery.
  • When you are grateful, good things seem to find you.
  • Doing your best today sets you up for a great tomorrow.
  • Appreciate the blessings of useless beauty.
  • Listen carefully to those who love you the most.
  • Be the spark in the darkness
  • Buy something expensive and dumb and you’ll later feel dumb
  • True class is not a matter of how much you have; it’s a matter of how you exemplarily you conduct yourself.
  • Shortcuts usually lead to a dead end.
  • Doing a good job is the best job security.
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5 Responses to Random soundbites of a Career Journal : 6

  1. Pearls of wisdom strung together to make for a happy life.

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  2. What lovely perspectives! Each of them a pearl,,,,,

    So what should each one of us do to bring some of these aspects into our own life?


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