Filial Obligation

“While aging brings challenges to mind and body, it can also lead to an expansion in other realms. There is an abundance of emotional and social knowledge; qualities which scientists are beginning to define as wisdom . . . the wisdom of elders.”-DB

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I have done several posts on fatigue; you can read about them here and here. I haven’t done one since, as I believe these posts summed things up quite nicely. That is, I did believe that, until I was volunteering and overheard a group of elderly individuals talking. I chimed in and thought I would share the highlights of the conversation with you:

  • Remember to occasionally ask how the caregiver is faring. Don’t assume.
  • A call, not an email or text, means a lot
  • Offer to just sit with the caregiver
  • Don’t ask “what can I do?” unless you really mean it and can follow through.
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2 Responses to Filial Obligation

  1. Yeah, I agree… Helping them out makes them see that you appreciate them ♥

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