Foot Yoga


When life has you running around, why not take five minutes before bed to help out the parts of your body that work hardest- your feet? Sit comfortably and take one foot in your hand circle you ankle slowly, as if you’re turning a crank. This moves the stagnant fluid in your ankle, foot, and calf and can bring instant relief. Notice your breath. Does it change as you gently manipulate your foot? Move slowly and deliberately. Now press both thumbs in your  soles and draw little circles. Run your thumb along the arch of your foot, then squeeze and rotate each toe (“this little piggy”- style). Check in with your breath again. Paying attention to yourself in this calm, small, nurturing way can help lengthen your inhale and exhale. Next, make long, firm strokes from ankle to toes. Then massage circles just under the inner anklebone. Squeeze your thumb and index finger up along our Achilles tendon (just above the hill) then switch feet and repeat. Once you’re done, place a pillow under your feet and lie back. Rest your hands on your belly. Take four long, slow breaths, imagining that each breath can massage your toes from the inside. Enjoy this renewed, relaxed sensation. Your nervous system will thank you as you drift off to sleep. – Cyndie Lee

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2 Responses to Foot Yoga

  1. Great ! Useful tips ! I will try this 👍

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    • msw blog says:

      It a wonderful exercise. I find it to be a great reminder to slow down and to not only take care of your feet, but also to let go off all the negativity one has encountered in a day 🙂 Thank you for reading.

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