Nickel for your Thoughts

This post is inspired by the comics and written by you. Thanks for reading

To do kindness at every opportunity. –usathroughoureyes


If we all committed to be just a little more compassionate and kind – I think it’s just as contagious behavior as negativity Loved this post! houstonphotojourney

Thank you, this is very useful … for me, now, at leastpaola


My dreams play out my day and I often find solutions to questions and answers are solidified. Covert Novelist


We better see through the eyes of imagination….B. 


True – if you feel something, others are bound to. derrickjknight


Need to get back into nature! Ever since winter all I’ve been wanting to do is stay inside but going outside is so important kingajpg


Before you get determined about your goals, get clarity first. Successorinspirational


Live well, live long, love often.- equipsblog


Our actions always tell a lot about ourselves…. without even realising it…B.

We are learning how the latest generations, without the history, have no idea what progress has cost. We are learning how the latest generations, without the history, have no idea what progress has cost.


Perhaps it is enough to know what you have done- derrickjknight 


“We’re not meant to do it alone”, is mine for this season – vapor_sage

From my point of view, it is true! Thank you for sharing! –inaloveworld


Hard to do sometimes, but necessary for your health. Don’t look back, just move forward. Michele Anderson 


I go to work, to go to work with an attitude of gratitude and willingness to find ways to improve- vapor_sage


Yes, so true! We must test the waters outside the known! –Meher Gandhi

The river always moves toward a new beginning. – Caridwen 

Everyone can step over the fears for fear is only afraid of fear. Beautiful photo! Thank you! – inaloveworld

I don’t really get the inner point, but I like everything that makes me ponder… –B.

Very true – reminds me to be present. It’s easy to be physically present, our minds however can be somewhere else. Be mindful, be present in whatever we do. –momlifewithchiari 


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7 Responses to Nickel for your Thoughts

  1. Wow! I got two. Many thanks, msw

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  2. inaloveworld says:

    Wow! “From my point of view, it is a great idea!” 🙂 Thank you!


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