Optimal Work Performance

The paged  fluttered out of my  career journal. When I unfolded it, it revealed notes from a work shop I had taken  in the margins I had written “Making the most of those 15 minutes breaks” :


8 Ways to Spend your next work break

Get up. Surfing the web to shop for new jeans or read your favorite industry blog isn’t restorative. It’s more important to get out of your office and get some fresh air, in a green space if the weather allows.

Use your tech. Set reminders on your devices to take a 15-minute power walk or to stand and stretch every hour.

Reach out. Call a friend or grab a colleague for a walk or coffee run.

Get creative. Journal, doodle, open your favorite adult coloring book, knit. Using a different part of your brain during your break can result in a fresh perspective.

Pump up the jams. Rock out to the music that motivates you most (it’s OK if it’s cheesy). Dance if it’s appropriate. Heck, knock yourself out with some air guitar.

Power nap. I’m not much of a napper, partly because when I do nap, I’m out for a couple of hours and then wake up groggy. Apparently, that’s not the way to effectively recharge on the job. Turn off the lights, close your eyes and let your mind wander or rest for a few minutes. If you can’t sleep, try meditating. 

Get a power snack. Rather than reaching for your favorite chocolate chip cookie, opt for a handful of trail mix, hummus and carrots, nut butter, or a shot of wheat grass juice.

Increase your fluids. Take the opportunity to hydrate with a glass of water or get a caffeinated beverage, which will kick in shortly after you’re back at your desk.

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