Autonomous Practice

Student’s description of site-specific activities this quarter: This quarter I was able to link my Advanced Generalist practice course to my practicum site, because one of the assignments was to write a grant proposal. The assignment allowed me not only to network and work along side my practicum instructor who a seasoned social worker, but also with the director. They both took time out to read and critique my grant and provided me with valuable feedback. This experience gave me, among other things, a clear sense of how the clinic obtains funding. I have also continued with my previous duties of conducting new patient orientation interviews, and writing a monthly column for the youth clinic’s newsletter. Student’s description of areas of competency and areas for growth : I am very competent in the areas that I have been allowed to explore on my own this quarter. New patient orientation allows me to build and learn a little more about the youth that we are serving on an individual level. Writing a column allows me to put into perspective what I have learned and where I need to continue to sharpen my skills.

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I know how time consuming the grant writing process is and I quickly realized writing grants is not my thing. I’ve been blessed with seeing connections everywhere- bringing people together, bringing resources together. I find the key is give and take and being your authentic self. I tell students to always do their best and present themselves in a good light, as people can see potential. I found it interesting how my supervisor and I didn’t focus on the same thing when it came to writing my evaluation. She wrote :

‘___ has really stepped into the Social Work intern position at ___.She has demonstrated that she can cover for me as the Social Worker when need and the staff and patients have come to see her as a resource. I would like  to see _____ continue to be called in for Social Work consultation and assistance with other providers and to eventually have _____ be the lead in these matters for the remainder of her time with us. I am also impressed with __ investment in learning , not just from the sources within her practicum but also from the resource/mentors that she has connected with during her learning career.”

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