Professional Inspiration

Sometimes you see someone do something and you think damn that’s what I want to do with my life. Below was one of those moments. My clinical supervisor was right- it took time. I am now a licensed clinical social worker who has held several positions, supervised a few students toward their own licensure, has provided countless lectures, and has seats on several boards. All of which have strengthened my clinical skills and built my confidence to provide resources to anyone who has walked into my office. Who has inspired you professionally?

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Practicum instructor narrative evaluation: One evening, with _____at my side, we worked with one of the co-occurring counselors to try to get a patient into detox. I picked up my cell phone and we began calling detox and outreach chemical dependency counselors from the community to coordinate care. _____ immediately pointed out that is what she has been aspiring to be. To be able to know the who, what, when, where and how of providing social work with services. As I told _____, I believe that she has the ability to really be an outstanding Social Worker, given her passion for the work and her interest in being a resource for others it will take time, patience, and building relationships. I would encourage _____, to continue to work on her interpersonal relationships building skills not only with patients/clients but also with teams and partners she will encounter throughout her career. One can never under estimate the value of networking and building your social capitol for the benefit of those we serve. I plan to continue to observe and provide feedback to _____, regarding her direct practice work as well working with our team members.




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2 Responses to Professional Inspiration

  1. A number of people have inspired me – none so much as my late friend who arrived in England on Kindertransport aged 10, speaking no English, and became the dynamic tutor in charge of my Social Work course.

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    • msw blog says:

      A number of people have inspired me along my journey as well. This example is one of many, and helps answers the question “How did you get here?” which is the core theme of my blog.

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