Getting from Someday to Yaaaaay

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The faded paper origami flower fluttered out of my overstuffed career journal and made me smile. Unfolding the flower, I had written “Obtaining Your goals —You are amazing, and I am sure your thoughts will bloom”

  1. Write It Down: State your goals in terms that are affirmative and real.
  2. Say it Loud: Every time you speak you are planting seeds and putting events in motion.
  3. Make It Measurable: I want to pass research is not as doable as stating “I want to provide my state capitol with hardcore data on why the state needs more homeless clinics.” Be specific about the date and details.
  4. Create Small Steps. “I want to be a licensed clinical social worker” may be the ultimate intention but break it down into actions. Look into the licensure process.
  5. Enlist Support: Build your network with select few- everyone is not on your cheering squad.
  6. Drop and Add: Wanting to start a grass roots program for at-risk girls? Why do that when programs exist? Be an asset, embrace and let go of the goals you have outgrown.
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