Prefect Partner

Incredible hot…but totally unaware
Amazing body…but never stuck in the gym
Sensitive and gentle…but not a wimp
Completely dependable…but not[yawn] predictable
Able to solve every problem…but not a know it all
Highly spiritual…but does not have to preach about it
Sexual Dynamic… but only “in the mood” when I am
Intelligent and well educated …but never acts proper
Financially secure… but doesn’t have to invest time in staying that way.
Total unself…but remarkably independent, doesn’t need anybody
Completely honest.

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11 Responses to Prefect Partner

  1. Nice poem 👍👍👌👌

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  2. Let me know when you spot one 🙂

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  3. tsepotheview says:

    Oh…Mr or Mrs perfect… Hey!😄😄😄


  4. I love that photo! Stunning! I also love this post! Thanks for sharing. It’s rather cute!


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