Therapeutic Note: Silence

My career journal is filled with scraps of paper, my dreams, countless questions, and thoughts; all of which bring a flood of memories with one powerful statement, which is “I wish someone would have told me this.” So, I’ll be the one telling you.

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How to deal with quite clients?:

  • Reflecting on what your observing state why you seem quiet, client seems nervous/social anxiety try the feeling game 2 rebellious – not coming regularly
  • Figure out where  the discomfort of silence is coming from you or client?
  • Validate that it can be hard to talk to new people?
  • If seen other therapist do, they ask a lot to talk to new people
  • Don’t want to interrupt kids
  • Sometime a client just needs silence.
  •  If seen other therapist do, they ask a lot of questions it’s more about what you want to talk about kid!

Advice from a clinical supervisor Stay flexible- as you get to know your clients and what makes them tick, be careful not to “pigeonhole” them based on information about their culture, religion, family background, spirituality, socioeconomic status, etc. Avoid stereotypes. Be open minded. This allows the social worker to work with a wide variety or range of clients. Clients often feel, “if the social worker accepts me, then I must be okay.”

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