Radom Act of Kindness


RAVE to Eli, the young man who pulled his car over to help me as he saw that my adult son, who has intellectual disabilities, was running into the streets by Seward Park. I was trying to catch him to get him into the car. It brought me to tears as he gently spoke to him, calmed him down and walked him to the car. Thank you for being brave enough to stop and help, even though you said you had no experience with special needs people — you have a gift.

RAVE to whoever posted several bird identification posters at Twin Ponds Park in Shoreline. Pictures of birds in color and their identifying descriptions, safely enveloped in plastic, are posted on several tree trunks in the park. They add an educational experience to walking through the paths in the park. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

RAVE to the local musicians who’ve put on free outdoor jazz/funk shows the last two weekends in Greenwood. Wearing masks for safety, they shared their talent and passion for music with the neighborhood. It’s been so nice to kick back in a lawn chair, watch live music and forget about the world’s troubles for a while!

 RAVE to the nice person at the counter of Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-In the other day in Issaquah who paid for our food. They don’t take credit cards and I had no cash, so he said, “We are old school. Send me a check when you get home.” He didn’t see what a job it was for us to get our little girl out of the car and ready to eat what I promised her, so he really doesn’t know how much that meant to us. Very cool.

RAVE to our neighbors in Edmonds who grow a show stopping display of colorful zinnias in their garden every summer. It’s such a pleasure to admire the lovely varieties in a rainbow of colors while out on my walks. Double rave to this gardener for leaving shears and a note inviting neighbors to take a few! I now have a cheerful bouquet on my table.

RAVE to the teenage boy riding his scooter through the Arrowhead Elementary parking lot carrying a huge bouquet of flowers he’d obviously just purchased at the pop-up flower stand across the street. I asked if they were for his momma and he said, “Yes.”

RAVE and thank you to the Seattle Police Department for finding my stolen bike. My securely locked bicycle was stolen in the University District on a Tuesday afternoon. I then received a call just one week later advising they had recovered my bike in Ballard. With everything going on in the city I was stunned and amazed that they would not only keep my bike in mind, much less return it to me in a week. A fantastic end to a bad week. 

RAVE to the tireless local mail carrier who delivered our mail on a Sunday (unprecedented!) just to keep up with his route.

RAVE to my lovely neighbor and her boyfriend for setting up all kinds of games for kids and adults to play outside on the sidewalk as they walk by. They can play hopscotch, tic-tac-toe or checkers. They change the games often. The entire operation is overseen by a teddy bear with a face mask.

RAVE to all the firefighters who work hard to save our property and our lives.

RAVE to the young man in the blue car at the bus stop on Mercer Island who leaned over and kissed his significant other one morning as she dropped him off to catch the bus. In this world filled with smoke, COVID-19 and chaos, it made me smile and remember that we all need a little love!

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4 Responses to Radom Act of Kindness

  1. This was such an amazing thing to read this morning- thank you!


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  2. Hamish says:

    There are so many stories in the world like these ones that need sharing, especially during a tough year.

    Thank you so very, very, much for sharing them. 😊

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