Ways to Stay Calm

Get that worrisome “thing” checked out You know, that mole, pain, or bump you tell yourself is nothing (you’re probably right!) but that you’re not 100% sure about. Such things can gnaw at you, and research tells us uncertainty is a lot more stressful than knowing what to expect, good or bad. So have a doctor look at it already! Either you’ll breathe a sigh of relief or you’ll get it treated right away. “Often what seems like a big deal for you is routine for your doctor-they’ve seen it all and can take some of the worry off your plate,” says Dr. Miller.

Swap to dos with a friend. There’s aways one chore you can’t seal the deal on – and seeing it reappear on your to do list only makes you feel bad. Instead ask a friend who does mind hemming your daughters skirt to help you out with that, and do a task she hates (say, updating her computer) that feels like no biggie to you.

Do a cathartic mini cleanup spending just a few minutes cleaning one spot that’s been grossing you out (like the crumb-filled sofa cushions or that sticky shelf in your pantry) can give you benefits fast, because it requires a little panning and a shirt burst of physical activity, both of which can reduce stress. Plus think how much better you’ll feel when you can sit on the couch without it making a weird crunching sound.

Breath through your feet. When you’re feeling pulled in too many directions, you can center yourself by bringing attention to your feet. If you’re indoors (or outdoors someplace clean and safe) take off your shoes and stand tall.

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5 Responses to Ways to Stay Calm

  1. adguru101 says:

    I love the idea of swapping chores with a friend. It’s also a good idea for couples, especially if you have a routine where one of you “should/always” be responsible for cleaning the bathrooms and the other “should” mow the lawn, etc. Great post! Alisa

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  2. Okay, I’m done. Where are you getting these pics from? My I wish I could have them all framed and placed somewhere in my house. Any place. Maybe I should change my house and make it yellow. Oh my this picture is stunning.


  3. How I could just stare into this photo while laying on the patio.

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