Resolution: Believe

I am 90 years old, and I never made any resolutions. My philosophy always was if you need to make a change in your life, do it right away. Why wait until New Year’s Day? — Phil in Southold, N.Y.


In 2017 I read a gorgeous post on faith, it was so beautiful that it stayed with me and seriously had me thinking about changing my word this year to faith (I do not believe in resolutions- you can read all about it here). However, I can’t change my word. What I know for sure is “if I continue to believe God will dream a bigger dream” and he does. Last year I deciphered the word believe to live, and live I did. I smashed some very high professional goals. That left me feeling like I was smashing glass ceilings and sprinkling diamonds on all the women who will come behind me. I am truly turning into the woman God wants me to be. I traveled with Abby and when I say travel, I mean we hopped a plane, took shots, and screamed “Here we come, Amazing Race (not the show, but our own personal version)!” I learned more about my spouse (we took several amazing road trips), we laughed more, cooked more, and we became even closer this year. I am finding beautiful balance, living my best life, and knowing in 2018 if I continue to believe, God will continue to create a bigger dream for me. I even bought myself a beautiful bracelet from The Giving Keys that reads “believe” as someday we all need a little reminder. If you still want to jump on the resolution band wagon (truly no judgment), I think you may enjoy the way this woman does it.

  • I never make a resolution that covers the entire year. Instead, every month I pick a new habit that I want to acquire. These are usually small things like recycling the paper as soon as I am done with it. I make sure to perform the task every day for the entire month. At the end of the month I have a new habit, and I pick out another aspect of my life that needs work. You’d be surprised how these little habits add up. — Habit Conscious in Buffalo



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