Beauty Hunter

Be a Beauty Hunter – beauty hunting means looking around and counting as many gorgeous miracles as you can possibly absorb in that moment. The sound of rain on the roof. Clouds parting in the sky. Puppies. Baby feet. The smells of barbecues and fresh cut grass and a hoppy IPA. It’s actually kind of impossible to be miserable and ungrateful when you’re collecting lovely things. You’ll be surprised. The more beauty you seek and appreciate about a person or place or experience- quieting the inner monologue about what’s annoying you- the more you’ll actually like yourself, too. Love and compassion are just muscles. Use them on others when its too hard to use them on yourself, and pretty soon it’s; be difficult to remember why you were so self-critical in the first place.

Image result for natures beauty

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5 Responses to Beauty Hunter

  1. Beautiful and such an inspiring read. Too good.


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