Body Centered

Looking to an impersonal set of external rules about what to eat or not eat can backfire if you find the rules unsustainable and end up “falling off the wagon” — or actively rebelling. Odds are you have a fair sense of both the current state of your eating habits and areas that are ripe for change. Choose a few relatively easy changes to make, then observe how making those changes feels in your body. For example, let’s say you decide to eat more vegetables at lunch and dinner. How does this affect the sensory quality of the meal (color, texture, etc.)? Do you notice any benefits for your digestion after the meal, or in general? When you do make changes that make your life a bit better, that can motivate you to maintain your new habit. – Carrie Dennett

What is body image? | Developing a positive body image | Kids Helpline

Positively Purging-I welcome your feedbacks in the comments and your likes and passing the real life wisdom on to others as I embark on this new venture of “positively purging“, as I know each of these pieces represents something…

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