Black Women Mental Health

Black women also face specific obstacles when it comes to mental health and overall wellness. What have you learned from your therapy journey and the foundation’s work? The more research I did—and [looking at] my own sessions—I started thinking about us as a culture, because we have learned to normalize so much trauma since slavery—since slavery. That’s in our blood, that’s innately in us to be strong. We have to take the veil off of that for the strong Black woman. I understand why we needed that, because we’re always at the bottom of the totem pole, and we need to feel validated. That’s the thing about Black people: Joy is our freedom. We will always tap into that. But then people can take that and manipulate it. They think, Oh, a Black woman, she’s strong, she doesn’t need medicine. So she ends up dying in the emergency room or dying giving birth. It’s deep for us.

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