Well Lived


My first reaction reading this article When ‘treat yourself’ goes too far: 6 self-care mistakes you might be making  was this is some BS, has the author not heard of moderation? It was also good to know I was not the only one who felt this way, as one commenter wrote “Spending too much time fretting over whether you’re living your life the way the academics think you should be living your life.” What are your thoughts on this list? What do you do for self care? If you’re looking for great ideas, you might enjoy this post.

1. Letting yourself give in, such as by hitting your favorite restaurant, grabbing takeout, or eating a bowl of popcorn on the couch and calling it dinner because you feel too tired or stressed to cook

2. Using alcohol to unwind. Some health experts say that some of the observed health benefits of moderate alcohol intake might be because it helps people relax. But food and alcohol can easily become stand-ins for more substantial, healthful means of managing stress.

3. Staying up late with a good book, movie or Netflix series. Research shows unequivocally that sticking to a consistent sleep schedule — not varying your bedtime and wake time by more than about an hour — is important for quality sleep.

4.Being all-or-nothing on vacation deciding “anything goes” isn’t ideal, either. The kindest option is somewhere in the middle — revel in those unique indulgences that make your taste buds sing, and balance your eating with foods that make your body feel good




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  1. foodzesty says:

    Excellent post!! 🙂

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