Controlling Stress

To Control Stress, block out 30 minutes of worry time into your daily routine- worry can feel like dead weight in your heart or your stomach. You can’t take it away, ignore it, or wave a magic wand to fix it; but you can break it down to make it more manageable.

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Here are some tips:

Live 24 hours at a time. Yes, it’s okay to plan and put events on your calendar, but live day by day. Try to figure out what steps you will take each day vs. worrying about tomorrow too much.

Put worry into a 30-minute time frame each day. Think of it as a half hour to devise solutions and try your best to avoid worrying the first thing in the morning or the last thing at night.

Come up with small steps. Break down your solutions into doable tasks such as phone calls you can make or small favors you can solicit from someone.

Keep a notebook and try to review one problem at a time, but don’t allow yourself to worry all through the day. Wait until you can sit down and focus.

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  1. True and profound pointers how to destress.


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