According to Therapists: Staying With a Therapist Who’s a Bad Fit

You may need to meet with multiple therapists before you find one who feels like a good fit. To that end, staying with a therapist who doesn’t feel right for you is a mistake. “Finding a therapist can feel a lot like dating,”“It can be awkward at first, or exhausting if you feel like you’ve been looking for a while. But, like dating, it’s so much more worth it when you find the person that you do trust and feel comfortable with.”Similarly, don’t give up. Even though searching for the right mental health professional can feel overwhelming and draining, focus on your goals and try to persevere. Pat yourself on the back for taking the first step toward getting help. “Committing to caring for your emotional well-being is huge,”

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2 Responses to According to Therapists: Staying With a Therapist Who’s a Bad Fit

  1. Kyla C. says:

    This!!! It took me a while to start “dating” new therapist after my first one. Trusting your gut and knowing that dating is a part of the process is important.


    • msw blog says:

      Yes, it is truly a part of the healing process. I will not accept new clients if they haven’t consulted with at least three therapists. I want them to understand they are in charge of their life and process, and they need to feel comfortable unpacking their issues. 

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