Bringing Outdoor Sports Inside

I have received several emails over the past year asking me about my treadmill. I haven’t answered any of them. Yes, I love my treadmill (I average 12-15 miles a week) and my gym (a huge beautiful white room that overlooks my backyard.). I haven’t answered because my runs are personal and spiritual for me. I also just don’t have some of the answers. Yes, the machine has 30 plus settings. I have only used three of them 1) Fat Burner, which, I refer to as “The Devil” 2) Competition, which I refer to as “Bitch You Will Not Out Run Me” and 3) The start button, this is where I do intervals, walk and run up and down “hills” (incline and decline – yes these can be challenging depending on your intensity) while blaring the music of my choice (auxiliary cord sold separately  ).

So, yes, I can say the speakers provide good quality sound. No, I don’t know if the treadmill makes noise while inclining or declining, because I can’t hear it over the music or fan(love the home gym). Yes, I can hear the fan but no more than I can hear an average fan that provides a nice breeze. The best question I got was “Does it really help you lose weight?” The thing about cardio is that once you get used to it, you can feel it making you stronger, calming you down, and improving your quality of life. Regular runs keep me on the edge of my emotional fitness, (I run to zone out and to process life) but the benefits are enormous: an awareness of running banishes negative thoughts and it provides me with a natural ability to connect and relate to others. My empathy grows; I find that it’s infinite and that through running I can transcend the daily noise while focusing on my breathing and heartbeat. I promise it’ll do your heart good. My best advice is if you want to purchase a treadmill, follow my tips. If you just want to run don’t wait for the “right time” to start running, the only failed run or race that you’ll have is the one that you don’t do. Start now!


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2 Responses to Bringing Outdoor Sports Inside

  1. juliehcares says:

    Or just go outside and walk or run if you can’t afford a treadmill! 😂

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