Mindful Moments

One of the magazines I have subscribed to and have come to enjoy tremendously is Mindful magazine. I have come to see it as my true stopping point, and sometimes I am able to pluck it from my mailbox, climb into my beautiful refurbished chair, and sip wine or tea (depends on the mood), and read and journal. I came across a few “tune ups” (my term not theirs) that I will share with you. If you want a regular stream of mindfulness, may I direct you over to ThoughtsnLifeBlog , PureGlory, and Our Daily Bread.

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  • Mindful walking practice – Move we spend so much of our time trying to get from Point A to Point B. Mindful walking mediation provides an opportunity to strengthen and focus your awareness , so you can break out of autopilot and begin to pay more attention to your movement. Whether you’re walking to work, taking the dog around the block, or just going for a stroll, tis meditation encourages you to savor the journey.
  • Turning Sounds into a meditation practice- Listen we often think that meditation requires peace and quiet, but you can also use sounds as the objects if your focus. This meditation helps you recognize sounds as they come and go, without labeling them as annoying or disruptive. Find a spot outside to sit or laydown and notice what you can hear: children playing, lawnmowers humming, birds rustling in the trees. With mindfulness, you can shift your relationship to these sounds.
  • Encouraging deep breathing. Relax there’s nothing more calming than taking a deep breath of fresh air. This meditation leads you through a cycle of long, conscious breaths by breathing in for a count of three and breathing out through a count of five. Repeating this pattern triggers your body’s relaxation response, putting both your mind and body at ease. You can use this meditation any time you notice stress building, or if you simply want you feel more relaxed.


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2 Responses to Mindful Moments

  1. jml297 says:

    Some great tips and I love how you set the scene to savour the magazine and all it has to offer ☺️

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