Thoughts of a Blogger: A blogger’s journal

Don’t let your passion overshadow your purpose!

Omg that one stuck to me and stood out like a glittering sign, as it came from one of the Tate brothers’ podcast Bronzeville. The words reminded me of my blog Real Life of an MSW, as I can see that popping up as reflection. I have found that many of my posts speak directly to me, allowing me to pause and reflect. I enjoyed today’s post Kindness– that hour is vital. I spent mine listening to Bronzeville, followed by Sudoku (which is trying to get the best of me). I do wonder if the blog is my passion project; it doesn’t bring me any extra income (although I have not bought seasonings in years!). The blog allows me to strengthen my writing and work on purging, but is it my purpose? I am a firm believer in the T.D Jakes quote, “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”  

I know my purpose is to help other people: help them feel heard, understood, and find a sense of self. Yesterday I worked with ___________ reading a group of college essays that were being submitted as part of a scholarship application. It felt good to do that- to give back as I know someone had to read through my scholarship applications. What I found interesting is that they are having a tough time having students engage with mentors. This baffles me, as we all should be thinking about the long game. You know- why are we here? Where are we going? I know my purpose is to help individuals to become their best selves. My legacy is to be an author, lecturer, and public national speaker. I am sure a lot of the pieces have been laid for me to get there. I just need to continue to follow your path so the pieces may be connected.

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