Torn between two job candidates?

Melody interviewed 10 people for a marketing assistant position, and two of the candidates stood head and shoulders above the rest — Matt and Alicia.

On the other hand, Matt didn’t seem particularly creative. He seemed to lack the personality and sparkle that would make it easy for him to advance to a professional marketing position.

The other candidate, Alicia, made a strong first impression. She dressed smartly, thought well on her feet and seemed to have the intelligence and personality to advance. Alicia also seemed very motivated and had a two-year communications degree. On the downside, Alicia had changed jobs frequently and lived in several different cities.

Matt was the safer approach; things would run smoothly and he has a proven record of dependability. But Alicia’s intelligence and liveliness could be a real asset to the job.

What would you do?

It’s always possible to make a hiring mistake, but it’s also possible to avoid making a careless mistake. (Thinkstock)

Reading the scenario above, I wondered about the educational requirements. One candidate has a two-year degree, while the other has real world experience and is working toward a marketing degree. That latter seems to me like a winner, but as I continue to dismantle the scenario I see more. One candidate is an introvert and stable, while the other is an extrovert and “job hopper”. I am not holding the latter against her. I recall starting out in the field of social work and going for the “box of chocolates”- per deim work. This allowed me to obtain a feel of what was right for me and help me build an amazing toolbox of skills. Therefore, in the end I would have gone with the female candidate, Alicia. Who would you have chosen? To see who was chosen, you can read  Business Management Daily article.


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4 Responses to Torn between two job candidates?

  1. tsepotheview says:

    Mat would be the perfect candidate for the job because he is qualified and most importantly he is familiar with the environment and policies of the company and he is already known about whether he is reliable or not and committed to the company.

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  2. I always thought the internal candidate, well known, was at a disadvantage. I’d go for him

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    • msw blog says:

      I often root for the internal candidate, but everything about this scenario gave me the impression that Matt, was not seeking a lateral move once he completed his marketing courses. Thanks for your input on this. I always appreciate another social workers perspective 🙂

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